Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Proposal to replace Maharaja Lawak with Islamic show

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KOTA BAHARU: A backbencher today proposed that the Maharaja Lawak slot on paid-television service provider Astro be replaced with lectures by Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, saying the reality show was not beneficial to the public. Abdul Halim Abdul Rahman (PAS-Chetok) said Muslims were prohibited from clowning around and such shows should contain content that reminds viewers of religion.
"We have been told not to joke and this is why I feel the Maharaja Lawak programme should be stopped and better replaced by Nik Abdul Aziz's lectures,"he said when asking a supplementary question at the Kelantan state assembly in Kota Darul Naim, here today. State Information, Information Development, Science and Technology Committee chairman Fazli Hassan, when replying to Abdul Halim's question, said the state government had requested for Kelantan to be given its own television and radio licence. 
"We have made several applications to the central government, but ourapplications were rejected and as an alternative we use Internet broadcasts to reach the public," he said.

He said Kelantan, through the State Secretariat, will launch its own web television and radio next month to allow the people to watch and listen to news from Kelantan. 
Earlier, Abdul Rahman also expressed his disappointment that many television programmes on Kelatan portrayed the state negatively. 
Meanwhile, Datuk Md Alwi Che Ahmad (BN-Kok Lanas) was disappointed that the Kelantan government seemed ungrateful despite the central government assisting local authorities in increasing infrastructure. 
"Whether they realise it or not, the central government has helped local authorities in Kelantan by disbursing about RM106 million since last year to build infrastructure such as roads and drainage," he added. - Bernama

Haa klik la ramai-ramai ❤❤❤

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