Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cycling: Azizul ready to cycle again

Haa klik la ramai-ramai ❤❤❤
eh Azizul Hasni ni bukan ke kaki or betis dia kena tercucuk ari tu ha ?

eh .. assalamualaikummm .. >.< .
lama dah aku tak update . tadi aku bukak la newspaper online nak tengok berita sensasi .
biasalah nak beli paper mana nak mampu . haiiihh .

aku bukak news straits times malaysia punya .
aku jumpa berita tentang ni . 
korang baca la . aku biasalah orang melayu yang perasan inggeris . 
kehkehkeh !! 

Azizul aims to make a victorious return.
Azizul aims to make a victorious return.
AZIZUL Hasni Awang has confirmed he will make a competitive return at the World University Games in Shenzen, China, on Aug 13-17.The 23-year-old reigning UCI World Cup keirin overall champion and World No 1, has recovered fully from injuries sustained in a horrific crash at the final round of the UCI World Cup in Manchester on Feb 19.
The horror of the 20cm splinter that pierced his left calf as Azizul braved on to ride to a sensational bronze medal in Manchester, is now behind the Dungun-born as he focuses on regaining his best.
Azizul began light training a month ago, but has now signaled that he is fully recovered and ready to return to the elite squad's training base in Melbourne by the end of this month."Up until a week ago, there was still some pain in the area that was injured, but now it feels fine. I am ready to resume full training," said Azizul, the country's Sportsman of the Year in 2010.
Azizul is currently working on regaining his endurance under national road team coach Graham Seers before returning to Melbourne under head coach John Beasley.
The World University Games squad are likely to comprise Azizul, Akmal Amrun and representatives from the Ministry of Higher Education's cycling focus centre at University Teknologi Malaysia Malacca headed by Sayuti Zahit.
Keirin specialist Azizul said although he has confirmed his participation in the World University Games, the number of events he will contest in, has yet to be determined.
"We've not decided on that yet. It will be up to John to decide, once he has evaluated my condition," said Azizul.
Holding the world's top position in the keirin also puts Azizul in a commanding position to secure his berth for next year's London Olympics when the qualifying process resumes with the World Cup season in Astana, Kazakhstan on Nov 4-6.

haah , betul la tu . kalau korang tak faham g la translate kat google translate . tak kan nak aku jugak yang translate . lemak lah tu . okay bye tu je aku nak kecoh hari ni . jumpa lagi tahun depan . biasalah aku kan adik Prince Willian . okay bye . =P

Haa klik la ramai-ramai ❤❤❤

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