Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Know If You're Loved by the One You Love

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Well, does that person look at you in a special way? Do they seem interested in your conversations (no matter of stupid they are?) Does the person always want to spend time with you and never tries to let you down? Does s/he express her feelings in certain ways? If it looks like s/he loves you, then they probably do! 

  • i will answer you

  • He most certainly likes you and values your friendship from what you say. At the moment you both perhaps LOVE being with each other and are attracted to each other. Maybe that is all you are going to know for now.
  • Only you can decide whether or not to trust another by offering your love.
  • I guess the only thing to rely on is some well-structured communication & time. Only these two factors will show you the way & lead you towards understanding.
  • There's not enough said for time being a factor for love. Time can prove a lot of the elements needed for love - care and concern for the other, not being demanding of them, loyalty, continued friendship over time and distance, affection, understanding and acceptance of their faults and that they are not perfect. Saying you "love" someone is a lot easier than really loving them.

  • I just don't think that a couple of weeks is time enough for you to really feel love. I think this is just an excitement/infatuation stage. It can lead to love, but it's not a good idea to hurry or pressure those feelings this fast. If you can only trust him if he loves you, I think you're asking too much of him already. Trust him as a friend and continue the relationship.
  • Loving is unconditional, meaning there is no conditions that the person you love loves you back. However, to know if someone loves you all one needs to look at is the actions of that person. Words are never enough, unless they are backed by actions that match what is being said. Should some one claim they love you then hurt you with their actions then most definitely that would not in my book be considered love.
  • You really don't know how much someone loves you. Love isn't a thing that just happens like in a fairy tale movie of "love at first sight." (I wonder what she or he will look like in "love at first sight" in 50 years' time!!) There has to be a common bond. A place in your heart and mind where you can go. Sometimes by yourself, and other times with each other. Because.... People in love will purposely hurt each other with spiteful words and actions. Hoping that the other will understand by forgiving and comforting. But.. that kind of unconditional love is very rare. Its too easy to give up and see if the grass is greener elsewhere.
  • Love is when you care about someone else more than yourself. That's it. A good indicator is if they want to be your friend as well as being romantically involved with you.
  • Love is something that you grow into like a young child growing into teenager clothing. Love just don't happen overnight, in one day or in one week for that matter. I think what you feel for each other in the beginning is more attraction and curiosity and with time it can change into love, but in order for true love to happen there has to be trust, honesty, sincerity and compassion in the relationship. That is the only way you really get to know that person and to know if that person really loves you here

Haa klik la ramai-ramai ❤❤❤

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